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Security Policy Services
A security policy is a framework for secure, compliant computer operations. TNC partners with organizations in defining effective security policies that manage risk while maximizing system productivity. When a company's network evolves to support new functionality, such as remote access, VOIP, or WLANs, TNC provides services to analyze, quantify, and mitigate risk, enhancing the security policy's capability to address evolving network challenges.

Risk Assessment/Gap Analysis
The objective of a security policy is to strategically manage and mitigate risk. TNC provides services that track network information flow to uncover security policy violations where misuse of company data and resources can occur. Utilizing this information, businesses can develop strategies for reducing system risk.

Business Continuity Planning
Software and Hardware fail, causing computer operation downtime. TNC provides services for reliable computer networks that recover from system failures, and achieve expected outcomes for quality service delivery.

Network Design
TNC has a record of accomplishment with implementing high-performance communication networks. Our network design follows three guiding principles:
(1) Maximum network performance
(2) Data Integrity and Confidentiality
(3) Reliable fault detection, isolation, and recovery
Network Equipment Configuration
High-Performance networks are configured and operated according to specifications. TNC has extensive credentials (CCNP and CCSP), in the configuration and maintenance of Cisco networking and Lucent Technologies telecommunication equipment. TNC is an expert at interpreting and diagnosing system logs and alarms, supporting the speedy resolution of problems impacting network availability.

Network Performance Analysis and Troubleshooting
Computer networks support end user applications and tools. High-performance networks are characterized by maximum end user productivity. TNC provides services that validate network performance, identifies bottlenecks, and develops strategies for effective and reliable computing.

Client Technical Training
High-Performance network equipment requires regular maintenance and monitoring. TNC provides staff training services enabling companies to effectively operate their network equipment.

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